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Urban Misogyny

This project consisted of a booklet and a series of photographs exhibited in the Rag Factory, London.
It focuses on the idea that injustice and violence against women spring from the accepted notion of women as passive objects.

This notion is evident in the way women and girls are represented in the media – magazines, TV shows, films, and in particular advertisement. Outdoor posters and billboards are displayed in the busiest parts of town and are accessible to anyone.  We see them every day and we grow accustomed to them.  They shape how ordinary men see women and how ordinary women see themselves. Thanks to the medium of photography, those images have been isolated from the complexity of life and inserted in a book. The reader is given the opportunity to see them for what they really are: examples of the disparity between what real women look like, and what the model of ideal beauty forces the reader to be.


© Bruna Martini I Photography